11 Gift Ideas for University Students to Put on Their Lists


When someone asks you what you want as a gift this year, don’t be stuck for what to say. Any of the following items you don’t already own should definitely be on your list.

1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Whether the place you live is noisy or you like to search for a change of scenery when you’re studying, noise-cancelling headphones are ideal. You’ll be able to block out external distractions even when you’re surrounded by other people.

2. Backpack

A backpack that’s comfortable enough to wear all day and has enough space for all your textbooks, laptop, and extras is a must-have. One with plenty of compartments to keep all your items organized is better still.

3. Coffee Maker

When you’re able to make coffee at home, you can cut out a big daily expense. The most cost-effective models are filter coffee makers, although K-Cup coffee makers can provide a fast and affordable method for brewing coffee when you use reusable pods.

4. Planner

Whether you struggle to stay organized or you enjoy setting goals and monitoring your progress toward them, a planner should be a necessity for the coming year. You’ll be able to use your planner to make a note of when assignments are due, create a daily schedule, and keep track of your to-dos.

5. Water Bottle

Make sure you stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle with you everywhere. An insulated flask is better still, as you can keep the coffee that you made in the morning with you.

6. Inflatable Chair

The problem with inviting a big group of friends over to your apartment is you may lack enough seating for everyone. An inflatable chair is an ideal solution, as it takes up virtually no space when not in use.

7. Bluetooth Speaker

A high-quality bluetooth speaker is much better for listening to music than your built-in laptop speakers. In fact, it’s practically essential for when you have friends over.

8. Mug Warmer

If you’re in the habit of forgetting about a hot beverage while studying and letting it go cold, a mug warmer is for you. It sits on your desk and keeps your coffee or tea warm until you’ve finished the whole mug.

9. Phone Mount

It’s common for your hand to start cramping after you’ve been holding your phone for a long period of time. Whether you’re watching videos or chatting with friends or family, a phone mount is the solution. There are models that come with a stand as well as those that clamp to your desk, table, or bed. Either also solves the problem of how to look at your phone while eating.

10. Fitness Tracker

If you want to be fitter and healthier next year, a fitness tracker needs to be on your list. Most models track physical activity, calories burned, sleep, heart rate, and more. Some even give you ideas for improving your habits and allow you to continuously set more ambitious goals.

11. Desk Organizer

It’s easy for a desk to become a mess when you have nowhere to put all your textbooks, notepads, cables, and stationery. A desk organizer will help you clean things up instantly and ensure your study space stays tidy.

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