Ways to Beat Stress at University


Although many people say their time at university is one of the most enjoyable experiences of their life, it’s no secret that college can also be quite stressful. You’re suddenly away from your family, you’re adapting to a different lifestyle, and you need to be responsible if you’re to succeed with your classes. All this can be quite stressful. While there’s not always an easy fix for stress, there are some effective tactics you can use to relax.

1. Work Out

Dedicate at least a short time each day to exercise. Experiment with the different activities on offer at your university — the likelihood is there are a variety of clubs and groups you can join, including for sports you’ve never practiced before. Alternatively, you may like to join a gym to use the machines or swim. The important thing is you find something you enjoy; otherwise, you’ll struggle to stay motivated.

2. Sleep Enough

When you’re physically active, it’s easier to sleep well — which is another way to beat stress. Set a bedtime and put in the effort to stick to it as often as possible (at least weeknights). Staying up late to study or socialize and then trying to catch up later with naps in the afternoon is no good: your body needs a regular schedule and functions much better when you sleep during the night.

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

Sugar can give you a boost in the moment, but when the effects wear off, you’ll feel worse than ever. A balanced diet of healthy carbs (like whole grains) and plenty of fruits and vegetables will ultimately make you feel better, even if that’s not what you’re craving. Plus, eating a balanced diet means you’ll find it easier to maintain your optimal weight — one less thing to be stressed about.

4. Keep Up with Your Hobbies

You may feel like you have no spare time for anything but schoolwork, but if you create a weekly schedule, you should find that you can make time for hobbies. Continue with something you’ve always enjoyed or search for opportunities at your college to try something new.

5. Vent to Someone

It’s always useful to have someone you can talk to about whatever is making you stressed. Call a family member or an old friend on a regular basis, or find a professional counsellor — your university may be able to put you in touch with someone affordable.

6. Learn to Say No

You will have a huge number of opportunities while at university — for extracurricular activities and volunteering as well as classes. It’s crucial to know your limits. If your schedule is too overloaded, drop something. If you’re exhausted and someone invites you to yet another event, allow yourself to say no.

7. Find Healthy Ways to Relax

You may feel relaxed after a few drinks, but the stress will remain under that temporary sense of euphoria. Plus, if you regularly drink to relax, there’s the risk you’ll become dependent on alcohol every time you feel stressed. Healthy tactics to use instead include breathing exercises, stretches, or a massage. For instance, if you find that your muscles are often becoming tense, book a massage with a professional or purchase a massager for your neck and shoulders.

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