10 Habits to Be a More Successful Student


What success means at university may be different for everyone. However, most people will agree it means gaining good grades, graduating on time, and enjoying the experience. You can be a successful student by developing the following key habits.

1. Set Goals

To stay motivated, it’s important to have several short- and long-term goals. These will give you a reason to keep studying, even when times are tough. Short-term goals can be things like studying every day for a week for a test or receiving a good grade on a paper, whereas a long-term goal could be to pass a challenging class or land a great internship.

2. Take Full Advantage of Your Professors

Your professors can help you succeed — you just need to ask for help. Reach out whenever you have doubts, either via email or by dropping in during office hours. This will help you produce better papers and achieve higher scores on tests. Plus, you’ll strengthen relationships with professors, which may be useful after you graduate.

3. Become Involved on Campus

You’ll feel a greater connection to your school if you belong to some clubs or intramural sports teams. This will also enrich your time at university.

4. Create a Schedule

The best way to make sure you stay on track is to create a study schedule. To do this, put all your commitments into a calendar and block out the time that remains for studying for your classes. Bear in mind that some of your classes may require more hours than others, depending on their difficulty and the amount of homework you receive.

5. Use a Variety of Study Techniques

Try different study techniques and use a variety of tools until you’ve figured out what works for you. Most importantly, strive to improve your note-taking skills to capture all the critical information while still being concise.

6. Choose a Balance of Classes

Think carefully before you choose your classes at the start of each semester. Learn from experience how many you can handle and avoid too having many challenging classes at the same time.

7. Join a Study Group

Study groups are your chance to consolidate what you’ve learned in class, discuss aspects you’re finding difficult, and explain concepts to others — this is one of the best ways to ensure you’ve understood something. It’s worth joining study groups for all your most important classes.

8. Go to Class

It’s impossible to be successful with your academics if you skip class. You’ll learn much more by hearing the material first hand and taking your own notes. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask questions and participate.

9. Sleep Enough

It’s impossible to live up to your full potential unless you sleep enough each night. Stick to a consistent bedtime whenever possible.

10. Utilize Campus Resources

Your school has many resources available to help you succeed with your academics and in other areas of your life. Visit the library, writing center, academic advisors, and financial aid office whenever you need support.

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