12 Items That Go Overlooked When Shopping for University


Packing for university is difficult when you’ve never lived away from home before. It’s easy to forget to buy something — and only realize you did when it’s too late. The good news is that there are certain items that tend to be overlooked the most. Learn from the mistakes of others by adding these things to your shopping list.

1. Formal Clothing

You should bring at least one business professional outfit, as you may need one for events like career fairs and job interviews. You’ll also need some formal clothing for whenever you want to dress up for a night out with friends, dates at fancy restaurants, and important socials with the clubs you belong to.

2. Spare Phone Charger

It’s a huge inconvenience if your phone charger stops working or you leave it somewhere but forget where. Having a spare at all times will give you a backup and stop you needing to rely on your roommates until you can buy a new one.

3. Planner

Being successful at university means staying organized. A planner can help you keep track of classes, appointments, and clubs as well as due dates for assignments.

4. Can Opener

If you’re unsure whether the kitchen in your apartment has a full range of utensils, bring a can opener. Otherwise, you may be unable to buy any canned food, which could limit your meal options.

5. Scissors

You’ll only realize how much you use scissors when you don’t have a pair. They’re useful for everything from opening food packaging to various study tasks and even cutting thread when sewing a button back on a shirt.

6. Toothbrush

The item forgotten most on all kinds of trips is a toothbrush. Although it’s easy to pick up a new toothbrush if you forget yours, the last thing you want is to go to bed on your first night at university without having brushed your teeth.

7. Swimsuit and Beach Towel

You never know when the opportunity to go swimming could present itself. You may take a trip to a lake, use the swimming pool on campus or at the gym, or even be lucky enough to find student housing that has a pool. Since it will be uncomfortable to go swimming with a bath towel, make sure you also pack a beach towel — you can even use it if you run out of bath towels when you neglect to do laundry for too long!

8. Trash Can

It’s annoying to walk to the kitchen every time you have a piece of trash. You’ll be more comfortable if your bedroom has a trash can. Since this is an item many students are likely to forget, it may be difficult to find one once you arrive in your university town. Add it to your shopping list to buy before you leave home.

9. Pain Medication
Having some over-the-counter painkillers on hand for whenever you need them will be invaluable. The last thing you want is to need to head out to the pharmacy when you’re suffering from a headache.

10. Umbrella

Something else it’s much better to have before you need it is an umbrella. Purchase a small one that can fit into your backpack and carry it around with you in case it starts raining unexpectedly.

11. Laundry Hamper

Keep your room tidy by purchasing a laundry hamper. Otherwise, you may find you end up with a pile of dirty clothing lurking at the bottom of your closet.

12. Suitcase

It makes sense to pack a few belongings in a small suitcase. That way, if you’re invited on a road trip or to spend a weekend out of town — such as to visit a friend at a different university — you’ll be prepared.

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