6 Simple Student Apartment Hacks


Since your student apartment is the place you’ll be spending the most time at university, it’s important to make it somewhere you can call home. The good news is there’s no need to invest much nor risk your security deposit. These simple hacks can transform your space to make it more comfortable, convenient, and attractive.

1. Hang Shoe Organizers on Doors

Gain more storage space in places like your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen by hanging shoe organizers on the backs of doors. You can use the organizers for much more than just shoes — they’re ideal for holding cleaning products, toiletries, snacks, and anything else that needs a home. Choose between fabric shoe organizers to keep items hidden and clear plastic ones to make finding what you’ve stored in each section easier.

2. Warm Your Space with Throw Rugs

Instantly bring warmth to your apartment by adding some throw rugs. They’re ideal for next to your bed and near the couch in the living room. Remember to add some non-slip rug pads if you’re putting the rug on top of hardwood flooring.

3. Decorate Your Walls with Decals

The walls in your apartment may not be your favourite colour — and, unfortunately, you’re not allowed to paint them. Add a fun design that shows off your personality with decals. These stick to surfaces like walls and windows without the need for adhesive. Some are even reusable, meaning you can rotate between a few different designs to suit your mood or the season.

4. Use Command Hooks and Strips

You may be prohibited from using nails and thumbtacks in your apartment, as these damage the walls. In fact, even if your lease doesn’t specify that they’re not allowed, you should avoid anything that pierces the wall to ensure you’ll keep your security deposit. However, you’ll still want to hang things like photos, posters, and fairy lights. The solution is to use Command hooks and strips. These are strong enough to hold virtually anything you could want to hang on the wall and you can remove them without damaging the paint.

5. Keep Your Drawers Neat with Silverware Organizers

It’s impossible to keep your drawers organized if you fill them with small items that become jumbled together. An easy solution is to purchase silverware organizers. These are ideal for holding stationery, spare change, keys, makeup, and more.

6. Secure Cables with Binder Clips

When your cables are not plugged into any devices, they may drop to the floor and form a tangled mess under your desk. Keep them within reach by attaching some binder clips to the side of your desk and threading the cables through. You’ll never need to search around for the type of cable you need and you’ll reduce damage to cables that mean they need replacing sooner.

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