6 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break Without Travelling


It can feel disappointing to stay home during spring break when many of your friends are leaving for exotic destinations. However, not everyone can afford to travel or they may have commitments that keep them from traveling. Whatever your reason for staying behind, there are still plenty of ways for you to enjoy spring break.

1. Play Some Group Games

Ask around to find who else is staying in town during spring break and invite these students to some group games. You could use the chance to add some cardio to your day by playing sports like baseball or kickball. If you’d prefer something with a slower pace, you could play cards or board games.

2. Host a Movie Marathon

Another way to enjoy spring break with a group of students is to host a movie marathon. Make your place as comfortable as possible and ask everyone to bring snacks. To keep the entertainment flowing, watch movies that have plenty of sequels and prequels or pick a theme.

3. Explore Your Surroundings

It’s likely there are many spots nearby you’ve never visited. Plan a few day trips to explore places in your town and its surroundings, such as hiking trails, museums, or even new coffee shops you can frequent when university starts up again. Ask a friend to come along, too — you’ll come up with even more ideas for destinations to visit when there’s two of you.

4. Pretend You’re on Vacation

Stay a couple nights somewhere else in your town — this could be at a friend’s house if you can’t afford to pay for anything. Create alternate identities for yourself and anyone who joins you to make it feel like you’re on an actual vacation.

5. Learn to Cook

It may not sound thrilling but cooking can be fun when you’ve mastered the basics — especially if you’re listening to music and dancing around the kitchen as you do it. Plus, cooking is a great way to spend spring break because it will teach you crucial skills. Pick some easy recipes you’ll be able to recreate throughout the semester or learn how to make your favorite dishes. Perhaps you could invite friends over for a meal or potluck to share your creations.

6. Read Ahead for Next Semester

Preparing for upcoming classes is another activity that may not seem fun on the surface — but it will be a relief next semester to feel ahead. Ultimately, you’ll have more time for socializing, clubs, or just relaxing.
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