6 Ways to Keep Your Student Apartment Organized Next Semester


It’s common to think of the new semester as a time to set academic goals, but it’s also a great opportunity to commit to improving other aspects of your life. There are various low-cost methods you can use, all of which are suitable even when you have limited space. Here are a few tips to try.

1. Use Shoe Organizers for More Than Just Shoes

Shoe organizers are a great way to store a variety of items. They are particularly useful for cleaning supplies, especially when you need plenty of space to store the items you buy in bulk to save money. Top places to hang organizers include in your closet and on the back of doors.

2. Divide Your Refrigerator with Storage Containers

If you live with several roommates, your refrigerator may be cluttered and you may forget which food item belongs to whom. Adding storage containers will allow you to keep items separate to avoid any mixups and enable you to quickly access your food without needing to remove anything.

3. Store Small Items in Mason Jars

Small items are particularly prone to creating clutter and are easy to misplace. Mason jars are an inexpensive and fashionable way to store things, especially if you decorate the jars by painting them, adding stickers, or drawing doodles in permanent marker. Use them to store stationery, kitchen utensils, and all the things currently strewn across your bathroom counter.

4. Organize Your Desk and Drawers with Silverware Containers

Another option to store small items is to use silverware organizers. These are perfect for things you want to keep within reach on your desk as well as for objects you’d like to tuck away in a drawer.

5. Add Containers Under the Sink

Most kitchens have a decent amount of storage under the sink, but the lack of shelves means it’s difficult to utilize this space. You can overcome this problem by storing items in stackable containers.

6. Hang Baskets on the Wall

An attractive way to take advantage of wall space is to use hanging baskets. You should find it easy to find baskets in different styles at the dollar store — you can pick some to match the decor of the room.

There are multiple ways you can use baskets. For instance, you could install a couple in the bathroom for spare towels — this is extra useful if you share a bathroom with a roommate and want to avoid realizing you’ve forgotten a towel when you finish showering. In the bedroom, you can use baskets for anything from accessories like scarves and hats to books. You could even have a different basket for each of your classes.

If you follow these tips but are still struggling to keep your home organized, the solution may be to upgrade to a better apartment. You can find premier Queen’s University student housing at Foundry Princess. Our three- to five-bedroom apartments are all spacious and fully-furnished and some even have en suite bathrooms. Plus, we offer a monthly in-suite cleaning service to keep your space organized. Apply now while there are still units available.

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