8 Quick Meals to Microwave in Your Student Apartment


Lacking cooking skills is no excuse not to eat a balanced diet at university: there are plenty of meals you can prepare at home with nothing more than a microwave. The added benefit of cooking like this is you’ll have minimal dishes to wash once you’re done! Here are a few quick and easy recipes to try.

1. French Toast

You can have a delicious breakfast in minutes by preparing French toast in your microwave. Soak two pieces of bread in a mixture made from one egg, butter, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Microwave the bread for about a minute and a half. Top your French toast with fruit, maple syrup, and powdered sugar.

2. Wrap

A fast lunch you can heat in the microwave is a tortilla wrap. Use different ingredients every time to keep things interesting. A combination of deli meat, cheese, and vegetables like spinach and red pepper is ideal.

3. Pasta

The next time you go to the grocery store, look for microwaveable pasta. You can create many dishes with this, although one of the easiest options is to use a sauce made from just hummus and salsa. Cook your pasta in the microwave first and then heat it briefly with the sauce.

4. Elote

You may be surprised that Mexican street corn is easy to prepare at home with nothing more than a microwave. Simply heat the corn with butter and then add lime juice, chili powder, and cotija cheese.

5. Eggs

You can even cook eggs in the microwave. Simply whisk up a couple eggs in a mug with some seasoning and put them in the microwave for around a minute and a half. Once they’re cooked, add salsa and cheese to the top.

6. Grain Bowl

A nutritious and filling meal to prepare is a grain bowl. You’ll need to find microwaveable rice (whole grain is best) and follow the instructions on the package to prepare it. Mix the rice in a bowl with your favourite veggies — spinach, canned chickpeas, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and slivered almonds are all great choices. For extra flavour, top with the sauce of your choice. You could even make your own sauce by blending parsley, garlic, avocado, coconut milk, and cayenne pepper.

7. Pizza

Ordering pizza tends to be expensive, but you can make it yourself at home for much less. Knead some biscuit dough to form a crust and add some pizza sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings before cooking everything in the microwave.

8. Baked Potato

Baking a potato in the microwave is much faster than cooking it in the oven — it will be ready in just five minutes. You can make the meal different every time by switching up the toppings, although nothing beats butter, cheese, scallions, and hot sauce.

You’ll be able to prepare much more than just microwaveable meals if you have a full kitchen. You’ll typically have access to a kitchen if you live in a room for rent. Kingston students can gain much more than just a kitchen by moving into the student community at Foundry Princess. In addition to stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, you’ll have in-suite laundry facilities and community amenities including outdoor BBQ areas, a rooftop patio, and a swimming pool. Apply now to secure your spot.

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