A Complete Checklist for the End of the Semester


At the end of the semester, all you want to think about is going home on break. However, there are important admin tasks to do as well that will save you from stress when you return to university next semester. Work through this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything important.

1. Complete Any Remaining Assignments

Don’t allow the excitement of going home for break to distract from your schoolwork. Make sure you finish any assignments you still have due. If a deadline is fast approaching, make the assignment a priority — unfortunately, this may mean missing out on some end-of-semester events, but your academics should always come first. If you missed any assignments earlier in the semester, talk to your professors about your options to avoid a failing grade, such as submitting a paper late for partial credit.

2. Check Your Email

It’s common to ignore your student email account throughout the semester, but it is important to check it at least occasionally. Use the end of the semester as a reminder to see if you have any communications from your professors, advisors, or other staff at your university.

3. Return Items You’ve Borrowed

Avoid additional fees by returning items you’ve borrowed, such as books, equipment, and course materials. If you own all your books but no longer need some of them, advertise them in social media groups and elsewhere online to sell them to students who are already preparing for next semester.

4. Confirm That Your Final Grades Are Correct

As soon as your professors have released your final grades, check that your grades have been recorded correctly. If you notice any mistakes, reach out to your professors as soon as possible.

5. Talk to Your Academic Advisor

You should have a meeting with your academic advisor at the end of every semester to discuss what action you need to take to ensure you stay on track to meet your goals. Some of the classes you’ve taken or the opportunities you’ve had over the semester may even have changed your goals. Make sure you discuss this with your academic advisor to make sure you pick appropriate classes next semester.

6. Look for New Financial Aid Options

If your financial situation has changed, you may be eligible for additional financial aid options. Plus, bear in mind that you can apply for scholarships at any time — the end of the semester is a good time to search for new possibilities. Devote some time to searching for and applying to scholarships to make university more affordable.

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