A Guide to Finding & Applying for Scholarships


You have several ways of paying for university, including student loans and paying upfront using the money you earn from a part-time job. The best option, though, has to be using scholarships because you never need to pay back the funds nor earn the money. Scholarships are based on all sorts of criteria, including academic achievements, athletics, involvement in extracurriculars, and personal circumstances or characteristics. The huge number available means you need a strategy to find those relevant to you. After this, you’ll need to submit a compelling application to ensure you stand out from other candidates.

Here are some simple steps for finding and applying for scholarships.

1. Check What Scholarships Your University Offers

Many colleges and universities have their own scholarships. In the case of automatic entrance awards, you don’t even need to apply for the scholarship — your university will give you a discount on your tuition if your final grades are high enough. For merit-based scholarships, however, you will need to submit an application. Depending on the school, there may be scholarships for volunteer experience, athletics, or artistic achievements.

2. Talk to Your High School Counsellor

Some high schools also offer scholarships for students moving on to post-secondary education. Since not all schools widely advertise these opportunities, it’s worth asking your counselor if any exist that you’re eligible for.

3. Find Out About Community and Affiliate Scholarships

Your local district or the community organizations you belong to may have scholarships. Ask the people you know and those affiliated with clubs or volunteer organizations. You may have opportunities through your employer, if a family member is a veteran, or if you are a particular ethnicity, religion, or gender.

4. Use Scholarship Databases

Look more broadly for scholarships using a national database. The difficulty with this strategy is that you’ll find thousands of options, many of which have high competition. However, it can be useful if the above tactics yielded few options or if you simply want to maximize your chances.

5. Confirm the Eligibility Requirements

Before starting the application process, always double-check the eligibility requirements. If you’re using a database and have found many scholarships you could apply for, use eligibility requirements to create a shortlist of scholarships that have the lowest competition.

6. Apply Early

Never leave applying for a scholarship until close to the deadline. You may need to provide documentation to support your application that could take a while to acquire. In addition, you’ll need to spend time crafting a unique letter of intent for each scholarship. Giving yourself enough time will strengthen your application and improve your chances.

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