How to Choose the Best Student Housing Option


Where you choose to live is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a student, second only to what university you attend. It will impact how much you spend, your responsibilities and independence, and the amount of privacy you have. Most students find that off-campus housing is the best option, since it tends to mean they have their own bedroom, they’re near campus, and they live with other students. However, since student rentals are all different, there are a few things you need to consider.

1. Location

The closer to campus you are, the better. You may even be able to walk or bike. A good alternative is proximity to regular public transport or a short commute by car — and if you are driving, you’ll need somewhere to park your car when you return home.

2. Security

You need to feel safe in your home and know that your belongings are protected. The best student housing is in a safe neighbourhood, has security cameras, and features barriers to prevent non-residents from being able to access the building. Ideally, both your apartment and your bedroom will have locks.

3. Fast Internet

As a student, you need a reliable internet connection to work on assignments, attend online classes, and just stay connected. Make sure that the housing offers a decent internet speed and a stable connection that won’t cut unexpectedly.

4. Roommates

Think about the number of roommates you’d like to have and whether it’s important to you to know the people beforehand. Many student rentals will match you with people you’re likely to get along well with.

5. Bathrooms

Consider how many people you’re willing to share a bathroom with. If you feel uncomfortable sharing, search for a room with an en suite bathroom. Also make sure the bathroom is in good condition — with high water pressure, a toilet that flushes properly (and doesn’t clog), and a modern, well-maintained feel.

6. Your Budget

You can find student housing at a range of prices. It’s important to avoid stretching your budget too far, as this may mean you lack funds for going out and for emergencies. However, spending too little could mean you end up settling for subpar housing where you’ll be uncomfortable. Increasing the number of roommates you have can always make housing more affordable.

7. All-Inclusive Rent

You’ll also save money if you pay for utilities and internet as part of your rent. There will be no surprise charges, and it will be easier to figure out exactly how much you’ll be spending each month.

8. Amenities

Most student housing has a range of perks. Consider what matters to you and what will make your time at university fun. For instance, it’s worth finding a place with onsite laundry facilities and a gym, but you’ll improve the student experience even more if the housing has hangout and activity areas.

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