How to Stay in Touch with Friends While Studying Abroad


If you have the chance to study abroad while you’re at university, you should take it. Studying abroad will teach you about the world in ways you can’t learn from books — it will open your eyes to new cultures, help you improve your language skills, and give you the chance to have exciting experiences. Many students worry about how they’ll stay in touch with friends while they’re away, particularly if they need to juggle different time zones. However, in the digital age, this is far from impossible. Here are some tips to try.

1. Create Fun Traditions

It can be more difficult to keep a conversation flowing when your daily life has little in common with that of your friends. This can happen when you stop taking the same classes, start spending time with different people, and are involved in different campus gossip. One way to make sure you stay in contact is to create reasons to reach out to friends. For instance, you could send a selfie every time you do a particular activity.

2. Post on Social Media

Make a habit of posting to social media regularly or create a group chat where everyone can share their latest photos and news. It can be easier to stay in touch with friends when you don’t feel obligated to message each person individually. Plus, this helps you keep friends you’re less close to in the loop about what you’re doing.

3. Schedule Video Chats

It’s easier to have a conversation over a video call than texting back and forth. Find a time when you and your friends are all available to chat, such as during a weekend when none of you have plans. This is also a great way to beat any homesickness you may experience when you start your study abroad experience.

4. Send Postcards from Tourist Destinations

While interacting online is a simple way to stay connected, receiving snail mail can be fun and unexpected. It’s always exciting to receive a postcard in the mail. When you visit tourist spots during your time abroad, send your closest friends postcards. This will give them something to decorate the walls of their student apartments with.

5. Collaborate on a Playlist

Whenever you discover a new song you love (perhaps it’s trending where you’re studying but not back home), add it to a playlist. Invite friends to do the same to build a playlist together that’s representative of all your tastes. You’ll feel closer to your friends when you’re all listening to the same songs.

6. Decide What You’ll Do When You’re Reunited

You may feel like you’ll be away from your friends forever; in actual fact, your time studying abroad will be over all too soon. Come up with ideas for things you want to do with your friends when you return. These plans can be as elaborate as a road trip or as simple as going to brunch at a favourite restaurant.

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