Nine Areas of Campus to Visit on a Tour


An important aspect of choosing the university you want to attend is the campus visit. This gives you the chance to see how you feel about a particular school and decide whether you can imagine yourself attending. To make the most of your visit, it’s useful to walk around on your own after you’ve received a guided tour. Use the chance to check out the following few key areas.

1. Facilities Related to Your Major

It’s critical to visit the department for your major to see what kinds of facilities the university has to offer. Explore the classrooms, labs, and technology for an idea of what activities studying your major will involve. It’s even better if you can see a lecture in action to find out more about the style of teaching, class sizes, and engagement of the students.

2. Spaces for Clubs and Organizations

If you’re interested in pursuing a particular extracurricular, pay a visit to these facilities as well. This could be the performing arts department, music rooms, or areas dedicated to a particular student organization, such as the campus newspaper.

3. Dining Area

There may be occasions when you lack the time to go home and prepare a meal or you just want the convenience of being able to buy food on campus. Find out what’s on offer, including whether it’s nutritious and affordable.

4. Careers Centre

Thinking about preparing for a career may feel far in the future right now, but it will be hugely beneficial to have a high-quality career centre on campus, especially as your graduation date approaches. Ask about the kinds of services on offer, what resources the careers centre provides, and what companies attend campus job fairs.

5. Bulletin Boards

Search bulletin boards around campus for a better picture of student life at the university. Packed bulletin boards are a good sign that there’s an active student life and plenty of clubs to join.

6. Mental Health Offerings

University can be stressful at times for many students. If you struggle with your mental health currently or have in the past, counselling services on campus may be particularly important for you. The facilities should feel welcoming and services affordable (or even free).

7. Outdoor Areas

Simple outdoor amenities can make a big difference to how you feel while on campus. Being able to sit in a garden or take a walk around the grounds can help you destress.

8. Sports Facilities

If you want to join a sports team while at university, the sports facilities will definitely matter to you. You may even like to just attend games as a spectator, in which case you should still pay the stadium a visit.

Finally, a well-equipped gym and regular fitness classes could make a big difference to your time at university, as this will mean it’s easier for you to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

9. The Surroundings

It’s also beneficial to live in a university town where there’s plenty to do all year round. Your guided tour may include some sightseeing close to campus. If it doesn’t, make sure to take a drive around the neighbourhood to see the surroundings. Checking the prices at stores and restaurants can show you the cost of living in the area, whereas visiting parks and outdoor activities can give you an idea of how you’ll be able to spend your weekends.

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