Should You Move Off Campus Next Semester?


Living on campus can have a negative effect on your student experience. It’s stressful to lack privacy, need to share a bathroom with many people, and be stuck with a meal plan. You may be wondering if living off campus would be any better. Whereas this will depend on what housing you choose, you’ll typically be much more comfortable.

Here are some of the most noteworthy perks to consider.

1. Stay in Your Apartment Over the Summer

If you want to stay in your university town over the summer, moving off campus is a necessity. Universities tend to close their dorms for the summer and students need to remove all their stuff — including if they’re returning in the fall. In fact, not needing to move in and out of your housing each year could be reason enough to search for off-campus housing, even if you do want to go home for the summer.

2. Study Without Distractions

Your academic performance could be suffering due to the distractions you face by living in residence. With an off-campus apartment, you’ll have a private space where you can focus in peace. If necessary, you can even agree with your roommates to have quiet times when you all want to study. Living in student housing is even better, as there will likely be study rooms on site.

3. Build a Rental History

It’s easier to find housing after you graduate if you’ve rented in the past. Living in a student residence doesn’t count, whereas any kind of apartment — including one in a student community — will come up in a background check. You’ll be able to show prospective landlords that you have a history of paying your rent on time and that you left the apartment in good condition when you moved out.

4. Have a Car

You may have wanted to bring a car to university but found it wasn’t an option because you’d have nowhere to park it on campus — or at least not for an affordable price. If you find an apartment where parking is available, it will be much easier to have a car to commute to your part-time job, for weekend trips, and to reach other places farther away than campus.

5. Great Amenities

Off-campus apartments often feature great amenities to attract students. Even the most basic apartment is likely to have fast WiFi, a kitchen with full-size appliances, and enough bathrooms to mean you only need to share with a maximum of two other people. The best student communities have additional perks like fitness centers, BBQ areas, and lounges.

6. Save Money

Even though living on campus provides you with a shared room and few amenities, it tends to be more expensive than living in an apartment. You should be able to find an apartment that fits your budget, such as by having more roommates if you need to save money.

The choice to move off campus is easy when you find a great apartment. An example is the Queens University student housing at Foundry Princess. In addition to finally having your own room, you’ll gain access to some fantastic amenities, including in-suite laundry facilities, a monthly cleaning service, a rooftop patio lounge, multiple study areas, and an outdoor swimming pool. You can even choose a unit with an en suite bathroom. Apply now while there are still limited spaces available.

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