Student Discounts 101: Where to Find the Best Deals


Being a student is expensive. In addition to costly tuition and textbooks, you have all sorts of living expenses — and no time for more than a part-time job, if that. To make university more affordable without needing to take out additional loans or keep to a strict budget, you need to look for deals. The good news is there are many great deals for every facet of student life.

1. Transportation

You may need your own car while you’re at university. Save money on auto insurance by searching for a carrier that offers discounts to students with good grades or to young drivers who have had no accidents or traffic tickets in recent years.

If you’re leaving your car behind, you’ll need to rely on other means of transportation, especially when returning home or traveling over breaks. Some intercity bus services offer student discounts, as do some travel programs for cheap flights and other services.

2. Grocery Discounts

Find out if your local grocery store offers discounted rates for students. In addition to reduced prices for membership, many stores offer free or discounted delivery, which is especially convenient if you don’t have your own mode of transportation.

3. Streaming Services

Some streaming services are making it difficult to share a subscription with people outside your household, meaning you’ll need to purchase your own subscriptions when you leave home. In addition to limiting yourself to just a couple platforms, you can save money by checking if services have any discounts for students. This goes for music streaming as well as TV and movies.

4. Clothing

Several clothing brands offer student discounts, including athletic and everyday fashion clothing. You’ll also need to make sure you have a business casual outfit for interviews, job fairs, and networking events. Since this may be a big expense, make sure you search for discounts before you hit the stores.

5. Software

Many software brands (including Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe) offer reduced rates for students. Some of these are lower monthly or annual prices, whereas others allow you to make a one-time purchase rather than needing a subscription — something you should definitely consider taking advantage of. Find out what you’ll need for your classes before you make any investments.

6. Electronics

In addition to a laptop or tablet, you may want a monitor, an external hard drive, a portable charger, and decent headphones. Many electronics companies offer discounts for students, but the offers may only be available at certain times of the year.

7. Cell Service

Many cell carriers have special plans for students. Before purchasing a plan, consider how much data you’re likely to need, as there may be fast WiFi around campus and in your student housing, meaning you can opt for less data.

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