Your Guide to Starting a New Semester Off Right


It can often take some time to readjust to being at university, even when you’re returning just from a break between semesters. Instead of seeing the new semester as a challenge, view it as an opportunity to do better than ever before.

1. Commit to Becoming Organized

From the first day of the new semester, start becoming organized by filling your planner with your class schedule, due dates for assignments, and all your commitments. You should also schedule time for essential activities, such as reading, working on papers and projects, and preparing for exams. Finally, make a note of when your professors have office hours and when there are other drop-in opportunities.

2. Settle on a Study Spot

Whereas you may like to change where you study occasionally, you should still have a go-to place that you use most often. The logical choice is the desk in your bedroom, but other options include your favourite café, a spot in the campus library, or a study area in your student housing. Choose the right place for you by figuring out what helps you focus — some people prefer quiet, whereas others like some background noise.

3. Train Yourself to Study

It’s important to realize that you can’t will yourself to be great at studying. Like with every skill, you need to work toward your goals. Begin small by committing to stay focused for just a few minutes before you take a break. As the semester progresses, you can increase the intervals you spend studying and take fewer breaks.

4. Join a Study Group

It’s often more motivating to study with others. Find out if any of your classmates are forming study groups that you can join to discuss the material and clear up any doubts. You may even like to organize social outings to get to know the people in your classes better or to explore sites related to the topics you’re studying.

5. Receive Support from Family and Friends

You never need to feel alone when university is tough. Reach out to family members and friends — both those at school with you and those farther afield. Vent about what you’re finding difficult, share experiences, and celebrate whenever you have a success, such as a good grade.

6. Use the Resources Available to You

Your classes and professors are just one aspect of your university education. If you’re struggling with a particular class, find out if you can have a tutor. If you need help writing a paper, head to the writing centre. If you’re unsure about your options, talk to an academic advisor. Whatever it is you need, make sure you address your problems early to be able to take full advantage of the resources available.

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